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Finance Paper - 631 Words

International Trade and Finance Speech ECO/372 November 08, 2012 Frank Vigil International Trade and Finance Speech What happens when there is a surplus of imports brought into the U.S.? Cite a specific example of a product with an import surplus, and the impact that has on the U.S. businesses and consumers involved. Anytime there is a surplus of specifics imports brought into the U.S., American companies suffer because of enlarged foreign competition. A specific product that is an import surplus is crude oil. According to the Wall Street Journal’s 2011 report, they predicted that United States would encounter an oil surplus. The reason the U.S. had a surplus of oil was that the U.S. continued to import as much oil as†¦show more content†¦If the scales should go out of balance then trade and international relations are damaged. If this happens the trading partners will counter with tariffs and quotas of their own. (Colander, 2010) What are foreign exchange rates? How are they determined? Foreign exchange rates are best described as simply the price of a country’s money expressed in another country’s money. In simple words, it is the rate at which a currency can be swapped for another. An example of determining foreign exchange rates is by substituting goods for currencies. Another example is the yuan-dollar exchange will depend on how well the demand and supply moves. When the demand for dollars in China climbs and supply does not go up correspondingly, each dollar will cost more yuan to buy. (Colander, 2010) Why doesn’t the U.S. simply restrict all goods coming in from China? Why can’t the U.S. just minimize the amount of imports coming in from all other countries? The United States can’t simply restrict all goods coming in from China because it would create a trade war that will probably damage each others trade. If this happens they will both impose high tariffs and quota restrictions on each other. The U.S. can’t minimize the amount of imports coming fromShow MoreRelatedFinance Paper3042 Words   |  13 Pagesoperation. Through this method, one could tell the ratio of debt to equity that the company was undergoing at that moment (Adler, Goldoftas amp; Levine, 1999). It will be clear that if the ratio has increased, the company has been using debt to finance its operations whereby in Toyota Motor Corporations there was a decrease of the ratio in 2013 giving good hoe to investors. In the third quarter of the financial year 2014, Toyota Motor Corporation recorded a debt equity ratio of 111.4%, even thoughRead MoreGlobal Finance Paper1171 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Finance Paper University of Phoenix Sadaf Asghar, Ryan Crooks, Joseph Martinez, David Trejo, and Anthony Thorton FIN/370: Business Finance Nikita G. Silver January 10, 2010 Global Finance Paper In today’s global marketplace, doing business abroad has become as common as getting dressed each day. Technology has bridged the gap for entrepreneurs and corporate visionaries to expand into global markets with ease. Extensive risk analysis and market research must be communicatedRead MoreFinance Term Paper738 Words   |  3 PagesUniversity of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management FIN4300 Problem Set #3 Fall 2014 Important note: Please submit paper copy of your solutions Due Dates: Dec. 8 for Section 002 and Section 501; Dec. 9 for Section 001 (all in-class) 1. Suppose you are a portfolio manager at Paulson Co. Inc. Today is the last day of April 2013. Your portfolio did not do well in the most recent month. After learning about the post earnings announcement drift, you decide to give it a try. You gather Read MoreFinance Analysis Paper2312 Words   |  10 PagesFinance Analysis Paper Yahoo! Finance Yahoo! Finance is a service from Yahoo that provides financial information in various ways including stock quotes, corporate press releases, financial reports, stock exchange rates as well as popular message boards for discussing a companys forecasts and stock valuations. It holds the title for the top financial news and research website in the United States, with an astounding 23 million visitors in February 2010. It also offers tools for personal financeRead MoreAdvance Managerial Finance - Paper1555 Words   |  7 PagesAdvance Managerial Finance Case 6: Deluxe Corporation 1. What are the risks associated with Deluxe’s business and strategy? Is Deluxe’s current debt level appropriate? Deluxe Corporation was once the largest printer of paper checks in the United States. However, around the past years it started to face difficulties primarily on its sale and earnings growth primarily because of alternative payments systems as online payments, credit and debit cards, etc. Some of the risk Deluxe CorporationRead MoreFinal Question Paper: Corporate Finance24063 Words   |  97 Pagesexpansion. Rockwood currently has 16 million shares outstanding and following the expansion announcement these shares are trading at $25 per share. Rockwood has the ability to borrow at a rate of 5% or to issue new equity at $25 per share. If Rockwood finances their expansion by issuing $100 million in debt at 5%, what will Rockwood s cost of equity capital be? | a. 11.25% | FIrst, since the project is already announced, any positive NPV is already reflected into Rockwoods current stock price.Read Morefinance paper2682 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿ IMPROVING THE X-RAY PROCESS AT COUNTY HOSPITAL Sullivan University Operations Strategy (MGT620X) Submitted to Submitted by Dr. Wendy Achilles Naresh.Kondepati Read MoreBusiness Finance Sample Paper2163 Words   |  9 PagesFNCE20001 Business Finance Semester 2, 2012 FNCE20001 Business Finance Semester 2, 2012 Sample Final Exam 1 Note: This is an edited and revised version of a previous final exam. The reading time for this sample exam is 15 minutes and the writing time is 120 minutes. On this semester’s final exam you will be required to write your answers in the exam booklet and you will be provided with adequate space to do so. Note also that the format of this semester’s final exam will differ fromRead MorePaper on Keynesian Contributions to Public Finance.2759 Words   |  12 PagesPAPER ON KEYNESIAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO PUBLIC FINANCE 1. Impact of Keynesian Revolution on Public Finance In 1936 British economist John Maynard Keynes published The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money. Distressed by the failure of national governments to cope with the Great Depression, Keynes rejected many assumptions of classical economics and argued that state intervention, and in particular regulation of interest rates, could control inflation and minimize unemployment. What howeverRead MoreFinance 367 Stock Trak Paper3169 Words   |  13 PagesStock-Trak Portfolio Analysis Portfolio management is a tactic used by not only those in the financial sector of the business world, but also by individual’s managing their own personal finances. Therefore, it important to develop and implement investment strategies in order to gain the most on a portfolio – be it as a mutual fund manager or an individual planning for retirement. Tools such as Stock-Trak, an online portfolio simulation, allow students to gain hands on experience testing different

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Childhood Obesity Obesity And Obesity - 3977 Words

Childhood Obesity Tara Domino-Robinson GEN 499 General Education Capstone Instructor: Anna Beresnlova August 3, 2015 Childhood Obesity I have decided to research Childhood Obesity. I chose to research this topic because I am currently working with families that are not aware of the types of food that promote good health for their kids and the statistics of â€Å"Childhood Obesity†. I plan to effectively limit the topic to just stating the main causes of obesity in America, statistics and the History of â€Å"Childhood Obesity†. During my research, the claim I plan to argue will be â€Å"Confronting America’s Childhood Obesity Epidemic†, and â€Å"How the Health Care Reform Law Will Help Prevent and Reduce Obesity†. In this paper I will present the truth and facts about â€Å"Childhood Obesity.† While studying here at Ashford University over the past weeks, I have learned how to properly research information pertaining to my topic. Over the years obesity has become an Epidemic and my research will touch on the areas that statistics show that are the major causes for obe sity. The USA is the leading country with obesity? After my research I will have a better understanding and more knowledge in many ways and from different viewpoints about this Epidemic. The Internet has a lot of knowledge about the history of obesity, the causes of obesity and the proper steps to take to prevent this sickness that has become an epidemic from getting out of control. It has become common knowledgeShow MoreRelatedChildhood Obesity : A Obesity1247 Words   |  5 PagesChildhood Obesity: A Review to Prevent the Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity in Our Community. The rates of childhood obesity Worldwide are alarmingly high! Obesity is a global nutritional concern and leads to horrible consequences on our children and becomes a worldwide pandemic. Worldwide estimates of obesity are as high as 43 million, and rates continue to increase each year. In this study, people will find healthy tips to prevent childhood overweight or obesity to help children in our communitiesRead MoreThe Effects Of Obesity On Childhood Obesity Essay1953 Words   |  8 Pagesfind out what has caused or what the leading factors to obesity are. Researchers are currently still doing research to find out what causes or what may be the lead to obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition which considers a child to be obese if their Body Mass Index (BMI) is at or above the 95th percentile for children and teens of the same age and sex. (Rendall., Weden, Lau, Brownell, Nazarov Fernandes, 2014). Obesity is on a rise in the Unites States and all over the worldRea d MoreChildhood Obesity : Children Can Not Combat Obesity1158 Words   |  5 Pages Childhood Obesity Jesus Dorado DeVry University Prewriting My narrowed topic is that parents need to play a bigger role in helping reduce childhood obesity. Children cannot combat obesity by themselves. My primary audience consists of parents of children (ages 7-12). This is my primary audience because parents of young children should be aware of the potential dangers of childhood obesity. If parents do not teach their children how to make healthy decisions, their children will beRead MoreChildhood Obesity : The Adolescent Essay3626 Words   |  15 PagesChildhood Obesity: The Adolescent The Finale Paper Presented to: GEN499: General Education Capstone Instructor: Robert Bass Ashford University By: Ranita Wallace March 27, 2015 Childhood Obesity: The Adolescent Obesity is a growing health problem. Obesity is when individuals are overweight, it causes health problems and is a threat to their lives. Usually obesity is a result from over eating and lack of exercise. Obesity is the cause of many health problems such as diabetesRead MoreEssay on Childhood Obesity1599 Words   |  7 PagesChildhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. The problem is global and is steadily affecting many low- and middle-income families particularly in the United States. The socioeconomic status of these families contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic. Summary of Article 1 The article, â€Å"Beliefs about the Role of Parenting in Feeding and Childhood Obesity among Mothers of Lower Socioeconomic Status† is a study that was conducted by Alison KalinowskiRead MoreThe Prevalence Of Childhood Obesity1678 Words   |  7 PagesThe prevalence of childhood obesity has remained a serious matter in the United States over the years despite its recent decline (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). Children who are obese can experience the same devastating health effects as adults who are obese – cardiovascular issues, diabetes, breathing problems, and so forth. In addition, children who are obese are more than likely to become obese as adults, therefore the development of a health fair that would highlight increasedRead MoreThe Causes Of Childhood Obesity1937 Words   |  8 PagesCauses of Childhood Obesity Imagine yourself walking into a kindergarten class, and all you see are obese children not walking, but moving on wheels because they simply cannot walk anymore due to their excess body weight. Their legs are so weak since they have to handle so much more weight than what they are designed to do. This vision may no longer be fictional if the world keeps ignoring the issue of childhood obesity. Nowadays, not only adults, but the number of children who are obese are incrediblyRead MoreChildhood Obesity and Its Effect1260 Words   |  6 PagesChildhood obesity is considered to be a serious issue among our youth. Obesity can cause many types of physical problems, which most are aware of, but it can also cause some undesirable internal feelings within children and adolescents who suffer from it. Self-esteem, or self-worth, is important as it helps develop personality and is a major ingredient to our mental health status (Wang, F. and Veugelers, P. J., 2008). Some have said obesity may even have a negative effect on cognitive developmentRead MoreChildhood Obesity Essay976 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to a 2010 report by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past thirty years. As well as having an impact on health, studies have cited a relationship between obesity and poor school performance as well as a child’s readiness for learning and education. This can be correlated with studies finding â€Å"obese children have a greater risk of social and psychological problems, such as discrimination and poor self-esteem†Read MoreThe Issue Of Childhood Obesity2238 Words   |  9 PagesSmaller governmental initiatives have proven effective, as well as campaigns run by non-governmental organization, yet a large scale federal initiative has yet to be established. Childhood obesity is an ever growing epidemic that has increased to unacceptable proportions. In order to prevent any further escalation of this public, federal legislation must be advocated for and passed that creates more opportunities for physical activity, increased access to healthy food, and puts an end to dishonest

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MBA admission Free Essays

My long-term career goal is to manage a high-tech company in the field of electronics and communications. With over six years of experience in the technical aspects of high-tech product development, I bring considerable technical knowledge to this task, and hope to compliment this knowledge with a firm understanding of business fundamentals provided by the McCombs School of Business. My personal ackground is no less of an asset, as it allows me to understand people and business issues from a unique and mature perspective. We will write a custom essay sample on MBA admission or any similar topic only for you Order Now I grew up in India and obtained a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Electrical Science from Delhi University. After that I attended the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and earned a second Masters degree in the field of laser technology. My professional career began in 1995 when I was hired by HCL-Hewlett Packard to work on computer hardware design in an office outside of Delhi. It was my first direct experience with state-of-the-art technology and the exciting experience convinced e to pursue a career in the high-tech arena. Within nine months, I traveled to the Netherlands to work as a consultant for Tulip Computers NV, then the largest manufacturer of computers in Europe. After six months abroad, I returned to India but was soon transferred by my parent company to NCR Corporation in South Carolina. Before I could be recalled, I left HCL-Hewlett Packard and looked for another Job since I had decided to settle in the United States. I worked briefly for an ill-fated start-up, but left when the company moved its operations to China. I started my current position at American Megatrends, Inc. , (AM’) in 1998 and have been employed here for over three years. IVe been working on high-tech motherboard design and have worked my way up to the position of team leader. AMI has offered me a unique opportunity I haven’t had in other positions: the opportunity to participate in all the steps of product development. As a pure engineering company, AMI has virtually no high level management and the engineer is responsible for everything from product conception, to development, to manufacturing and marketing! I have seized upon this opportunity and greatly expanded my understanding of product development beyond the design stage. I interact very closely with the manufacturing group and have come to understand production issues. Understanding how our products are mass produced at the plant, and especially how the factory workers utilize the machines for manufacturing, has given me a perspective on human and material capital which will be of great use in management. I have also worked closely with the sales and marketing division, and have occasionally even traveled to customer sites. While I have gained much practical experience (both in terms of technology and in terms of leadership) through my work, I cannot see myself in the same position fifteen years from now. I want to take my electronics firm into a new direction and believe at tn this vision can best be accomplished trom a position ot management. I have realized from my six years of work experience that a strictly engineering background is not sufficient to enable me to reach my goals. A sound understanding of business fundamentals, that can be obtained through the McCombs School of Business, will help me develop the management skills I need to analyze business situations and manage resources rationally. An MBA will build upon my practical experience and allow me to achieve a position of leadership. My personal struggle to obtain the life I have now has imbued me with an ambition to grow as an individual and to give back to the society that has given me so much. My practical work experience and unique outlook on life contribute toa compassionate leadership style and an ability to understand the needs of people from all levels of society. How to cite MBA admission, Essays

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Diagram ENISA Data Security Infrastructure â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Questions: Which Threat Would You Regard To Be The Most Significant And Why? What Could Be Done To Minimize Their Impact On The System? How Could The ETL Process Be Improved? Should ENISA Be Satisfied With Its Current State Of IT Security? Answers: Introducation The extensive collection is based on the data processes with the big data analytics that include the different and serious privacy concerns. The wider scale impacts of the surveillance, profiling is based on allowing the benefits without any invasion of the individual private spheres. The appraise big data is to integrate and focus on the protection of the data safeguards which aim at the support to handle the legal obligations. (Marions et al., 2012). ENISA works on the categorisation and the challenges which are used for the three cases mainly for the advancement in the Security Incident Event Management, the industrial control systems and the other telecoms. The privacy by the designing in big data is for processing the information with the big data analytics that have also given rise to the serious privacy concerns as well. The scale of the electronic surveillance, profiling and the other disclosures of the data is mainly to handle the integration with the data protection safegua rds that are set to work on addressing the different opportunities of the technology for privacy (Gorton, 2015). The security measures that have been taken are mainly for the smart grids which enable the efficient use of the energy. Along with this, ENISA works on the smart grid patterns where the analysis is for the risks assessment and to handle the set of the different theories (Barnard, 2014). The certification of the components and the meta-schemes are related to handle the supply chain view of the smart grid where the support comes from the dialogue among the stakeholders. ENISA works on the security network tools which have been used for the management of the technology and to handle the cyber security and for the data duplication. Here, the balancing of the threats is to target the different assets along with the management of the information. The control and the analysis is for handling the end user organisations with the relevant vendor markets. There are different security techniques which are important to be identified and worked on depending upon the attacks from SQL injection and the management to reduce the attack surface as well. The web based attacks are mainly important for the security experts which are considered to be greatest and handling the different risks. The different threats which are related to this are the traditional penetration testing which includes the exercising of the network with the attack target. The web based attacks mainly focus on the applications with the functional layers (Louis, 2013). Here, the web based attack is considered to be the major attack which leads to the malicious end user activity to breach the system protection mechanism. Along with this, there is a possibility that it includes the information gathered from the social security numbers and the other identity thefts which leads to the loss of information of ENISA (Fransen et al., 2015). Hence, for this, it is important that all the web application attacks are compromised or modified depending upon the parameters which are based on checking or handling the instruction spoofing. It includes the denial of service attack which includes the generation of the attack by the malicious users with the competitors and the script kiddies. Hence, it is also important to work on the authorisation control which is reliable and requisite based on guarding the sensitive information. The standards are set to meet the intellectual property rights with protecting the products of the intellect that includes the commercialised laws and the other literary or the artistic works. The business methods include the functioning and the standards set for the industrial purposes with different aspects of the attacks that are being conducted by an individual. It is important to focus on the applications with the attacks based on the target systems and associate with the suspected vulnerable applications. The applications also include the versions of the detection which could easily be performed through the banner grabbing (ENISA, 2013). The banner grabbing methods include the intrusion detection system and the preventive syste ms that are for the detective and the reactive devices which are set for the network and the other applications which include the targeted attacks. The standards are also set for the deployment of the demilitarized zones of the corporate networks and how it is easy to filter or block the attacks at the application layer services. The data manipulation attacks on the applications with the privileges on hosts relate to the different failures of the unauthorised logins and the access is done to the sensitive data as well. The malware is also another threat which can lead to the damages in the system which is considered to be the major global issue for the organisation. It also affects the system and the important files of the business where there is no possibility to recover them as well. The information could be set with the malware that are linked with URL of the websites and then it is installed in the systems. The software brings a major damage to the system (Theoharidou et al., 20 13). The threats are related to the media attention with the successful cyber-attacks, which creates the higher adaptability for the criminals. There are other agents like the cyber terrorists and the cyber criminals include the use of the Internet to conduct the different violent acts which leads to the threatening of the body. There are different terrorist activities which includes the use and relation to the deployment of disruption against the information system or primary purpose for creating alarms. This includes the use of the computer, network and the other public internet resources which leads to the failure and distribution for the personal objectives as well. The issues and the major concern is about the instances of cyberterrorism which includes the utilisation of the internet to connect and communicate with the supporters and even to recruit the different new members. The cybercrime is related to the computer or the network which includes the offences mainly related to the cr iminal motives to harm the reputation of the victim and then cause the physical and mental harm. There is a major loss which threatens the person with the national security and the financial health (Furnell et al., 2015). The governmental and the non-state actors engage in cybercrime which includes the financial theft and the other criminal cross borders. The standards are set with the altering, destroying or supressing mainly that leads to the concealing of any unauthorised transactions. The alterations or the deletion of the stored data has a major impact on the internet scam which includes the phishing and the social engineering effects, which includes the target on the consumers and the business. The cyberterrorism occurs on the website which includes the increased attacks on the corporate websites and how it includes the ability to operate and demand for the payments (Hopkins et al., 2015). The computer viruses, denial of service attacks and malware is considered to be the majo r issue which involves the lesser expertise in technical approach. The fraud and the identity theft is also considered to be the major issue which includes the use of the malware and the other hacking or the phishing targets. The tool includes the obscene with the offensive content that is mainly due to the communications done in between the people. ENISA focus on handling the harassment with taking hold of the self-motivated groups who work on the exploitation of the politics in the country. The cyber terrorists are also targeting all the large-scale sabotages with the national and the international security in the country. There are issues with the different trends which include the cyber maltreatment and how the identity theft or the collection of the private information, or the personalised data is set through the different operational activities (Levy et al., 2015). The process of ELS could be handled through the loading process which includes how the data is changed with the reduced forms of the categories that work on speeding up the higher volume of the ETL processes. With this, it also includes the different rows and the columns which includes the creation of the extra tables that tends to hold the data from any of the previous ETL processes. The use of the batching process could also be helpful in improving the performance where the standards are set to meet the data communication and handling the load on the network or any conflicts which are on the performing of the database. The flow of the user SQL Server Destination in the Data Flow Task need to work on the SQL patterns with handling the ETL processes by reducing any limitations and then working on the increased benefits. This will lead to the facilitation scenario and how communication could be done. From ETL 2013 to ETL 2015, it has been seen that there are different sets of the comprehensive information collection that is based on the source material. It includes the contexts and the other identification of the relevant content, like the threats or the agents and the trends. It includes how the ETL in 2014, works on the consolidation of the framework and check for the improvement of the different technological standards and the application areas (Prislan, 2014). This includes the references which works for the sources that are for the decision making, security and the other navigation processes through the threat landscape. In 2015, and in 2016, ETL has been working on the improvement of the system with smoother advancement of the maturity. Through this, there is a possibility to work on increased cooperation and the reactions for the cyber threats. This also works with the advancement of the malicious tools with obfuscation and striking power. Here, the objective is mainly to handle the provisions and work towards the identification and improving the processes (Skrzewski, 2014). It includes the leverages on the synergies and the use of the open source approaches, tools and the data. The objective is based on the project to work on the implementation of the improvement options with the ENISA working over the threat analysis procedures. Along with this, it is important for ENISA to focus on improving and handling the threats which are mainly through the deep research and from the references which includes the denial of service attacks. With this, ETL also includes the complex issues where there is a physical coating of the hardware devices. One need to identity the significant assets and the other assessments based on the standardised device interfaces. This includes the networks with the virtualisation that includes the centralised control over the networks, which includes the management of the network and the issues that relate to the data flow (Mayer et al., 2013). The attack is mainly on the component of the network with the major effect on the centralised control functions with the coupling that is over the data transmission through switches. The malware like the Trojans and worms are considered to be the challenging threats. This research is based on the conclusions where ENISA works towards the current state of the IT security standards which works on the different threats. This includes the prioritisation with the focus on the attack surfaces and how the injection attacks lead to the exploitation of the kits, spam and the phishing. The measures are mainly obtained through the ENISA which not only includes the reduced effects of the threats but also focus on the working over the security of the data. Here, the ETL processes are based on improving the data extraction and working on the insertion, and the medication patterns. This includes how the smoothening of the operations is possible with the different ETL processes (Furnell et al., 2015). The threats are generally related to the functioning which includes the embedded systems and how the hardware devices work on easy handling of the different components. This is based on the attacks and the breach of the data security measures. It is important to ha ndle the information leakage with the standards that include the higher security measures and the higher better security passwords which will help in easy and fast access of the information as well. With this, the study is also on how ENISA focus on the security framework which is based on providing and supporting with the better networking components (Bora et al., 2013). This includes the influence that comes with the processing and the working of the operations. The analysis is based on working over the security patterns and how it is easy to operate the functions based on the detailed information and the Threat agents. The social hacking issues also need to be resolved without any effect on the organisation. This is only possible, when there is a proper setup of the security tools and the impact of the services works on handling the current security standards and providing the brief. The strategies are based on the combating of the Insider Threats with the focus on how to handle the social hacking issues. The report discusses about the data that is related to the improvement of the ETL processes. This works on the handling of the balances of the security and then improving the maturity of the threat removal. It includes the proper balance of the threat and how the security measures can be handled along with working on the controlled analysis patterns. The strategies are depending upon the end-user organisations with the focus on improving the cyber terrorism activities and handle the big data with the secured passwords. ENISA need to work on the improvement with the firewall and Intrusion detection system. This will help in balancing and setting all the controlled analysis with the relevant marketing standards in the secured manner in the organisation (Weber et al., 2016). The effective coding practices with the proper reports are mainly for the improvement in the standards of the system. References Barnard-Wills, D. (2014). ENISA Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide for Smart Home and Converged Media.ENISA (The European Network and Information Security Agency). Bora, M. S., Singh, A. (2013). Cyber Threats and Security for Wireless Devices.Journal of Environmental Science, Computer Science and Engineering Technology (JECET),2(2), 277-284. ENISA, E. T. L. (2013). Overview of current and emerging cyber-threats.European Union Agency for network and information security. Fransen, F., Smulders, A., Kerkdijk, R. (2015). Cyber security information exchange to gain insight into the effects of cyber threats and incidents.e i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik,132(2), 106-112. Furnell, S., Emm, D., Papadaki, M. (2015). The challenge of measuring cyber-dependent crimes.Computer Fraud Security,2015(10), 5-12. Gorton, D. (2015). IncidentResponseSim: An agent-based simulation tool for risk management of online Fraud. InSecure IT Systems(pp. 172-187). Springer, Cham. Hopkins, M., Dehghantanha, A. (2015, November). Exploit kits: the production line of the cybercrime economy?. InInformation Security and Cyber Forensics (InfoSec), 2015 Second International Conference on(pp. 23-27). IEEE. Lvy-Bencheton, C., Marinos, L., Mattioli, R., King, T., Dietzel, C., Stumpf, J. (2015). Threat landscape and good practice guide for internet infrastructure.Report, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). Louis Marinos, E. N. I. S. A. (2013). ENISA Threat Landscape 2013.European Network and Information Security Agency. Marinos, L., Sfakianakis, A. (2012). Enisa threat landscape.Technical report. Mayer, N., Aubert, J., Cholez, H., Grandry, E. (2013, June). Sector-based improvement of the information security risk management process in the context of telecommunications regulation. InEuropean Conference on Software Process Improvement(pp. 13-24). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Prislan, K. (2014). Efficiency of Corporate Security Systems in Managing Information Threats: An Overview of the Current Situation.Varstvoslovje,16(2), 128. Skrzewski, M. (2014, June). System network activity monitoring for malware threats detection. InInternational Conference on Computer Networks(pp. 138-146). Springer, Cham. Theoharidou, M., Papanikolaou, N., Pearson, S., Gritzalis, D. (2013, December). Privacy risk, security, accountability in the cloud. InCloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), 2013 IEEE 5th International Conference on(Vol. 1, pp. 177-184). IEEE. Weber, R. H., Studer, E. (2016). Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things: Legal aspects.Computer Law Security Review,32(5), 715-728.

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TOTS Essay Essay Example

TOTS Essay Essay Life in Fear and Loathing Boo! In Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw, the Greene theory is the most plausible explanation of the events. The Governess is the murderer of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, and Quint and Jessel return to haunt Bly. The events result in Mrs. Grose gaining a sense of trepidation around the Governess while her plans to take over Bly are unsuccessful. The Governess has no limits when it comes to getting what she desires. After killing Quint and Jessel, the Governess comes to Bly to carry out the rest of her machination. She begins by applying to work at the palatial Bly home after very chary waiting for the Job opportunity to open up. The children at Bly behave consummately and feign having a sweet personality to direct the attention of visitors away from the evil horrors at the home. 9 The Uncle, who interviews the Governess, chooses not to entail himself because he is overworked and cannot find the time to care for the young children. l The storyteller describes how she waits to answer in person an advertisement dames 295). The Governess knows that to ain blatant control of Bly she needs to become an employee and eventually kill everyone at the home. The Governess hears a small child crying outside of her room on her first night at Bly. 2 The Governess previously killed Quint and Jessel and it remains a conundrum of the true cause. Mrs. Grose explains how They were both here- last year Mr. Quint is dead dames 321). Mrs. Grose speaks of the Uncle in past tense because of a mere a slip of the toungue. 4 The Governess eventually kills Miles in his own home, completing a step of her plan . .. held him his little heart had stopped dames 403). Miles dies because the Governess is psychotic and cannot control her baneful desire for death, resulting in Miles getting strangled. 22 The Governess will kill or get rid of any disruptions in her way and complete any task on her Journey for complete control of Bly. Many supernatural events occur after the Governess begins her occupation at the Bly home. Peter Quint an d Miss Jessel begin to haunt Bly with the help of Miles and Flora, sanguinely hoping to scare away the Governess forever. We will write a custom essay sample on TOTS Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on TOTS Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on TOTS Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Flora and Miles never speak about Quint and Jessel because they pretend to be ignorant regarding the topic of the ghosts at Bly. 7+8 The Governess first sighting of Quint takes place on the tower roof. She describes how He did stand there! but high up, beyond the lawn and at the very top of the tower dames 310). Quint stays speechless, hoping to daunt the Governess and maker her leave Bly. 12 Shortly after the roof sighting, Quint appears outside of the window, being auspicious that the Governess will become scared. The Governess recalls, His face was close to he glass dames 316). The Governess remains completely scared after the encounter at the window before church and goes to Mrs. Grose for help because she is now aware that Quint appears to intimidate her. 13 Miles goes on the lawn at night to talk to Quint because the Governess sleeps during the later hours of the night, so no one will notice him. 10 Jessel scares the Governess the most when she appears across the pond for the second time. Mrs. Grose claims not to see Miss Jessel because she knows it will be a Jocular prank towards the Governess. She asks Flora goes mad after this event because her peers deny the ghost, and to add to the madness, Flora fakes becoming ill. 18 Flora gets to the other side of the lake by taking a boat with the assistance of Miss Jessel. 17 The first time Jessel appears, when a childs presence remains obvious, aims to scare the Governess while she sits down and sews when Flora plays with a toy. 16 Quint and Jessel succeed when it comes to scaring the Governess; yet still remain unsuccessful because they allow the Governess to castigate the children. The Governess attempts to learn more about Miles and Quint, but Quint stops the conversation by opening the window so wind easily blows out the candle flame. 15 Miles and Flora play a major role in Quint and Jessels plan to haunt and scare the Governess away from Bly. Mrs. Grose notices how the Governess behaves with the ghost encounters, and it changes her recapitulating view on the young woman. Mrs. Grose becomes very fearful of the Governess after realizing what she is capable of doing. She acts happy to see the Governess upon her rrival because she grows sick of Bly and the imputing responsibility of taking charge. Mrs. Grose disobeys the Governess without second thought. The Governess remembers how he had breakfasted with Mrs. Grose and his sister dames 391). The Governess clearly orders that Miles and Flora shall not be with each other and Mrs. Grose breaks the rule. At the pond, Mrs. Grose develops a fear of agreeing with the Governess and denies seeing ghosts along with Flor a. Mrs. Grose exclaims, She isnt there, little lady dames 382). Flora and Mrs. Grose know the ghosts exist but eny it towards the Governess in order to aid in Quint and Jessels plan. l Miles is not actually expelled from school, but Mrs. Grose tells the Governess he is to scare her into thinking that he is a cynical child. 5 He never speaks about the expulsion because he wants to avoid talking to the Governess about the events. 6 Anxious to leave Bly because of the Governess, Mrs. Grose accepts the Job of taking Flora to London for better care. Mrs. Grose states in agony, Take me away, take me away- Oh, take me away dames 383). Mrs. Grose discovers the Governess baleful intentions nd feels the need to leave Bly immediately. She claims Flora behaves oddly so that she gains a reason to leave with Flora and go to London. 20 Even the Governess becomes fearful of her own self after witnessing the damage on the old and tired Mrs. Grose. Mrs. Grose leaving Bly partially ruins the Governess plans. The Governess plan to take over Bly and kill the children only partially succeeds and becomes slightly abortive. She is surprised at how fearful she becomes of the ghosts and fails to realize what they are capable of when it comes to mental destruction. The Governess underestimates the childrens ability to scare the woman, resulting in the Governess banishing Flora from Bly. The Governess feasibly declares, He must take them away dames 353). She cannot handle Floras games anymore and decides to take her out of the situation by sending her away to London. Mrs. Grose becomes very assiduous in getting the Governess to contact the Uncle because the woman goes crazy and needs someone to oust the Governess form her Job. 14 The Governess becomes over-fearful of the ghosts and attempts to gather evidence against them. The Governess recalls being so determined to have all proof Games 402). Since nobody at Bly arrogates to believe the Governess, she starts to doubt herself and needs proof that the ghosts are real. The Governess remains successful in the sense stopped dames 403). Miles truly sees Quint in the dining room and he acts as if Quint is evil, but the Governess catches on and receives motive to kill the boy. 21 Miles acts as one of her main targets and succeeds in murdering him. When Flora leaves Bly, the Governess plan to take over the home with no witnesses results in ruin.

Friday, March 6, 2020

What to Do if Youve Been Placed on a College Waitlist

What to Do if Youve Been Placed on a College Waitlist Its important to understand what it means when youve been placed on a college waitlist. Like thousands of students across the country, you havent been accepted or rejected, and the resulting limbo can be frustrating. Youll make better decisions if you have a clear picture of how waitlists work and what your options are. Key Takeaways: College Waitlists Colleges use waitlists to ensure a full incoming class. Students get off the list only if a school falls short of admission targets.Chances of getting off a waitlist vary from year to year and school to school. Because of the uncertainty, you should move on with other plans.Be sure to accept a position on the waitlist and send of letter of continued interest if allowed. In the spring, college applicants begin getting those happy and sad admissions decisions. They tend to begin something like this: Congratulations! . . . or, After careful consideration, we’re sorry to inform you . . . But what about that third type of notification, the one that is neither acceptance nor rejection? Thousands upon thousands of students find themselves in college admissions limbo after having been placed on a waiting list. If this is your situation, what now?  Should you accept a position on the waitlist? Should you get angry at the school for waitlisting you and decide you didn’t want to go there anyway? Do you go ahead and put down a deposit at a school where you’ve been accepted, even if your waitlist school is your first choice? Do you simply sit around and wait? The answers to these questions, of course, vary depending upon your situation and the schools to which you applied. Below youll find advice for your next steps. Here's How Waitlists Work Waitlists have a very specific purpose in the admissions process. All colleges want a full incoming class. Their financial well-being is dependent upon full classrooms and full residence halls. So, when admissions officers send out acceptance letters, they make a conservative estimate of their yield (the percentage of admitted students who will actually enroll). In case the yield falls short of their projections, they need some students on back-up who can fill out the incoming class. These are the students on the waitlist. The widespread acceptance of the Common Application, Coalition Application, and new Cappex Application make it relatively easy for students to apply to many colleges. This may be convenient for students, but it also means that students are applying to more colleges than they typically did in decades past. As a result, colleges get more half-hearted applications and its more difficult to predict the yield on their applications. The end result is that colleges need to put more students on waitlists in order to manage the uncertainty. This is particularly true at highly selective colleges and universities. What Are Your Options When Waitlisted? Most schools send out a letter asking you if you will accept a position on the waitlist. If you refuse, that’s the end of the story. If you accept, you then wait. How long you wait depends on the school’s enrollment picture. Students have been known to receive acceptances from the waitlist a week before classes start. May and June are more typical notification times. You essentially have three options when waitlisted: Decline a position on the waitlist. If you got into a school you like more, you should decline. Its rude and inconvenient for other students and the college if you accept a place on the waitlist simply to see if youll get in. If you dont plan to attend, dont put yourself on the waitlist.Accept a position on the waitlist, sit back, and wait. If youre still considering the school, you should definitely put yourself on the waitlist.Accept a position on the waitlist, and then take action to improve your chances of getting off the waitlist. Be realistic here- your chances of getting off the waitlist probably are not great, and any actions you take may or may not help. Still, something as simple as a letter of continued interest can have a positive effect. What Are Your Chances of Getting Off a Waitlist? It’s important that you have a sense of the math, for in most cases the numbers aren’t encouraging. The examples below vary widely, from Penn State where 80% of waitlisted students were admitted, to Middlebury College where 0% were offered admission. The norm tends to be in the 10% range. This is why you should move on with other options rather than pin your hopes on the waitlist. Also, realize the numbers below will vary significantly from year to year because a colleges yield will vary from year to year. Cornell University Number waitlisted: 3,213Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 1,976Number admitted from waitlist: 279Percentage admitted from waitlist: 14% Grinnell College Number waitlisted: 740Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 279Number admitted from waitlist: 16Percentage admitted from waitlist: 6% Haverford College Number waitlisted: 732Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 305Number admitted from waitlist: 10Percentage admitted from waitlist: 3% Middlebury College Number waitlisted: 1,231Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 603Number admitted from waitlist: 0Percentage admitted from waitlist: 0% Penn State University, University Park Number waitlisted: 1,828Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 1,704Number admitted from waitlist: 1,356Percentage admitted from waitlist: 80% Skidmore College Number waitlisted: 1,584Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 522Number admitted from waitlist: 59Percentage admitted from waitlist: 11% University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Number waitlisted: 8,385Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 2,776Number admitted from waitlist: 525Percentage admitted from waitlist: 19% Yale University Number waitlisted: 728Number who accepted a place on waitlist: 204Number admitted from waitlist: 56Percentage admitted from waitlist: 27% A Final Word on Waitlists Theres no reason to sugarcoat your situation. Yes, we can say, At least you werent rejected! The reality, however, is that its frustrating and discouraging to be placed on a waitlist. If you were waitlisted from your top choice school, you should definitely accept a place on the waitlist and do all you can to get an acceptance. That said, you should also move on with plan B. Accept an offer from the best college that accepted you, put down your deposit, and move forward. If you are lucky and get off the waitlist, you will likely lose your deposit, but thats a small price to pay for attending your top choice school.

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History- Modern latin america Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

History- Modern latin america - Assignment Example 2. Outcome of Mexico Independence Mexicans, won independence from Spanish colonial authorities in 1821. Stephen Austin’s settlers were then, directed to become Mexican citizens; members of the Roman Catholic Church and learn Spanish. When Mexican government condemned slavery, Texans (Americans in Austin’s colony) rebelled and were declared republic in 1839. Post colonial era witnessed major conflicts, the  War of the Triple Alliance  (1864–1870) and the  War of the Pacific  (1879–1884).  Porfirio Diaz (1884-1910) tried to maintain law and order in Mexico. He helped modernize economy by boosting foreign investment; export of the natural resources and expanding railroads though majority of land and resources remained concentrated in hands of wealthy owners, resulting majority population poor. In the second decade of 20th century uprisings held by Francisco Madero against autocrat Diaz led to largest upheaval, â€Å"Mexico revolution†. Refere nce: 1. Stephen, Lynn.  Zapata Lives: Histories and Cultural Politics in Southern Mexico, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002 Print.